Von teaches voice to all ages of student. As a teacher, one of his primary goals is to make sure his student develops an awareness of the body as it relates to vocal production. Healthy singing will serve the student now and far into their future, and is the bedrock of his teaching. He also tries to make sure students are equipped with musical skills and literacy beyond their primary instrument, learning the language of music as well as the practical forms. Von’s goal is to meet the student where they are and to help them along their musical journey.

Von also teaches piano to beginning and intermediate students. Awareness of the body while playing and musical literacy are very important to all ages and skill levels of musician. Everyone’s musical path is different, and it’s important to engage each student with the lessons and types of music that most engage them. This engagement can serve as a gateway to other musical forms and traditions, broadening the student’s awareness and connection the rich musical traditions of many places, times, and peoples.

In addition to teaching remotely for WholeTone Music Academy, I also take on private students. Visit the Contact page for more information.